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Coming Up

Reverie Edward Bawden 1927

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Bawden’s Beasts

Opens 10th February 2018

Edward Bawden Gallery – Free Entry


Celebrated artist Edward Bawden’s lifelong preoccupation with all manner of creatures – from delicate insects to farm grazers and domestic pets, and from exotic jungle and desert dwellers to fantastical shape-shifting beasts – will be the focus of this enchanting exhibition drawn from the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery Collection. 

The creatures that inhabit Bawden’s work reveal his extraordinary talent for visual expression and storytelling, often using the simplest of lines. Inventive and humorous, Bawden put animals great and small to work in his commissions for book illustrations, advertisements and posters, in which they adopt human guises for their amusing antics: a giraffe dons a blazer, cravat and boater to advertise British Petroleum and an army of ants armed with mops and brooms adorns the cover of Take The Broom. Wallpaper designs, drawings, prints and murals reveal Bawden’s fascination with animals and marine life, anthropomorphic insects and the macabre. The exhibition will feature Bawden’s work in a range of media throughout the course of his career, including his imaginative advertisements for Fortnum & Mason, and evocative prints of Aesop’s Fables.



Women of Bedfordshire

Opens 10th March

Wixamtree and Connections Gallery – Free Entry


This exhibition will celebrate Vote 100, 100 years since women first secured the right to vote in 1918, with a focus on exploring women’s history over the last 10 decades. We will be featuring the local women of Bedfordshire such as Amy Walmsley, Dora Carrington and Margaret Stansfield, recognising their great achievements through campaigning for equal rights, being an inspiration through their life and work and empowering others for the future.