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Abstract Britain

Abstract Britain

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Abstract Britain

From Hepworth to Hodgkin

Saturday 25th April to Sunday 27th September 2015

Abstract Britain charts the journey of British art into abstraction.


In Britain, Abstraction was never a single movement, but a dazzling variety of styles by artists who used non figurative representation for very different reasons.


This exhibition, drawn entirely from the Cecil Higgins Collection, will follow the rise of British Abstraction from early roots in the artist colony of St Ives, Cornwall. After the Second World War St Ives became the centre of modern abstract development. Abstract Britain will feature sculpture and paintings by the groups principal figures Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Peter Lanyon whose abstract work Sennen still shows suggestions of the Cornish landscape that surrounded them.


Influential figures of Post War British Abstraction such as Victor Pasmore and William Scott will also be represented as well as the lyrical abstraction of Gillian Ayres. Sixties abstraction, devoid of natural influence is shown in the cool modernist works of Robyn Denny and Op Art paintings of Bridget Riley that influenced the sixties fashion for monochrome. To Howard Hodgkin whose work though abstract in appearance uses colour and marks to describe his world.


Abstract Britain, William Scott

Abstract Britain, Gillian Ayres