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Clocking In 2010

Image of Charles Wells vans at Horne Lane brewery

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Clocking In: An exhibition of the Working Day

27th February - 23rd May 2010 at Bedford Gallery


The exhibition included amazing insights into our working day, highlighting what has remained the same but also how our lives have changed.


"There were still people in Bedford who believed in what they called gold water, which was the water they washed the gold in, having medicinal properties when they drank it or rubbed it in. His job was to go and retrieve the water that they had washed the gold objects in and hand it out gratuitously to the people of Bedford."

Richard Stoodley (speaking about his father working at John Bull & Co from 1920 to 1970)

Clocking In Exhibition poster by Jonny Hannah

We commissioned artist Jonny Hannah to design a poster to celebrate the opening of the exhibition. Limited editions of the poster, printed by Jonny Hannah at ‘Cake and Ale Press’, were available for sale at the exhibition.


Associated Events

Saturday 17th April 2010 - Earning a Crust: A Victorian Working 

A free Family Day at Bedford Museum enabled visitors to discover how Victorian Bedfordians would have lived and worked. There were lots of activities : lace-making, rag-rug making, washday, writing with quill pen and ink, and laying the table for a Victorian dinner party! Folk music was provided by Graeme Meek who sang songs inspired by Bedfordshire life, and Martin Hazell demonstrated traditional basket weaving.


12th March 2010, 2 – 3pm - free screening of British Pathé newsreels

Amazing footage of supersonic jets at Thurleigh, Land Army girls on the High Street, and the ‘Super Giant’ of Stewartby gave visitors a chance to see the place they live in as they never saw it before.

The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum, Bedford would like to acknowledge the following people for their assistance with the exhibition:


Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service

Pavenham Rushwork (www.pavenhamvillage.u-net.com/rushwork)

Cranfield University (www.cranfield.ac.uk)

Edible Ornamentals (www.edibleornamentals.co.uk)

The Potton Brewery Company (www.potton-brewery.co.uk)

Jordans (www.jordanscereals.co.uk)

Garden Friends (www.gardenfriendsvegetablebox.com)

Blue Bear Systems Research (www.bbsr.co.uk)

RAE Bedford Heritage Group

Allen’s Heritage Group

Aircraft Research Association (www.ara.co.uk)

Marks & Spencer Company Archive (marksintime.marksandspencer.com)

Goldings of Bedford (http://home.btconnect.com/goldings.bedford/)

John Bull & Co (Bedford) Ltd (www.johnbulljewellers.co.uk)

Harrison & Simmonds (www.h-s.co.uk)