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Black History Month


Sankofa: Bedfordshire’s Black History Uncovered

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‘Black Poppies’ a talk by historian Stephen Bourne

Saturday 18th November 2017


£5.50 (Concessions £4.40) Booking Essential

Stephen Bourne presents an illustrated talk about his acclaimed book Black Poppies, published by The History Press to coincide with the centenary of the First World War. Entertaining and informative, Black Poppies explores the military and civilian wartime experiences of black Britons, from the trenches to the music halls. For Black Poppies Stephen received the Southwark Arts Forum Award for Literature.



African and Caribbean Heritage Day

28th October 2017,


Free Entry


In celebration of Black History Month, come and join us for our African and Caribbean Heritage Day with community stalls, storytelling, music, art and craft workshops, African and Caribbean food to taste, debates and a dominoes competition.

Share your views in our ‘Up for Debate’ discussions:


Sankofa- “Go Back and Get it”



This discussion presents an opportunity to explore and reflect on Black History over the past 30 years and beyond. 


- Consider how pre-colonial Africa, the Transatlantic Slave Trade and modern Black history shapes the views, representation and opportunities of the African diaspora.

- Do we learn from generations before us?

- How should Black history be celebrated in years to come?


Growing Up Black and British”


- Black British?  Is this a label you identify with?

Remember the days of using Dax pomade to ensure your hair was laid to perfection and your waves were on display for all to see? This discussion centres on Black identity (music, food, fashion) and how this has changed over the years.


- Perhaps you’d like to share the story of your family’s journey to Britain?

- Come and talk about Lovers Rock and the birth of Grime in 00’s

- Share your story about growing up as a Black person in Britain. How do you feel this has shaped your identity?  How different would your upbringing have been growing up in a Black majority country?


“Mental Illness – Still a Taboo for Black Communities?”



“African–Caribbean people are three to five times more likely than any other group to be diagnosed and admitted to hospital for schizophrenia” (Mental Health Foundation)

Enjoy an open and honest debate about mental illness and wellbeing in Black communities. 


- How far have we come in the last 30 years in dismantling unhelpful attitudes?

- How do we continue to break the stigma around mental illness?

- Is there reluctance for people within Black communities to access mainstream mental health services? 

- How can services better understand people from Black communities?


“Boys Don’t Cry …Strong Black Women”



This discussion focuses on the complexities and notions of Masculinity and Femininity in Black Communities.

- To what extent are these commonly held beliefs harmful to Black personhood?

- How do we reinforce gender roles within our communities?

- Do ‘we’ allow for expression of emotion?

- Is ‘strength’ seen as an important factor for all genders? Why?


“Representation of Black People in The Media – Why does it Matter?”



Share your ideas on the importance of representing Black people in mainstream media.

- Over-representation vs under-representation?

- How does the representation of Black people in media affect the way we view ourselves?

- Discuss the significance in the rise of Black Social Media content creators (YouTubers/Vloggers) and look at their impact on Black women’s empowerment, body positivity and freedom of expression.

- Is it time to have honest debates about Black women in the media, ‘Colourism’ and Black LGBT representation?

- Do the media create the roles we want to see being represented?