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Blunt Blades Short Stories

Blunt Blades Short Stories


Blunt Blades is an upcoming art project by artist Arabel Lebrusan that centres on our complex relationships with knives, exploring whether the meanings of objects can be re-established via material transformation and contextualisation.



Late 18th century, porcelain handle, decorated with formal decoration on a white background. 


To accompany the display, we're inviting writers of all levels to contribute a short story inspired by a blade from The Higgins Bedford collection that you can view here.


Some of the blades will have some known facts, while others won’t have much information about their past. We would like you to imagine and make up a story for them.


Select one of the blades, email to let us know which one you've picked, and write a short fictional story of no more than 300 words with your selected blade at its centre. Please note that some of the blades have already been chosen, but there are still lots more available.


Once gathered, these tales and their accompanying images will form the basis of the publication for the Blunt Blades display.


The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Thursday 30th September.


To find out more information, please email