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Aragon Lacemaking

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Aragon Lacemakers: Keeping Lacemaking Alive

Opening 4 April 2023 – 28 April 2024


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Bobbin Lace is integral to the history of Bedford as it was a major local cottage industry. The method of making lace hasn't changed but the style has, bringing lace up to date with modern trends. Aragon Lacemakers have just celebrated their 45th anniversary and are delighted to display a variety of contemporary lace made by members; from bracelets to gloves and coloured pictures to garters. There will also be plenty of opportunities to have a go at this fascinating heritage craft - it's easier than it looks!


The Aragon Lacemakers will be demonstrating lace every second Saturday of the month upcoming dates include: 

Saturday 8th July, 19th August 2023, plus an extra demonstration from 12-3pm on Thursday 29th June.


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