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Blunt Blades

Blunt Blades

11 November 2021 – extended to 6 July 2023

The Higgins House – Free Entry



Blunt Blades Main Photo (003)


Leading visual artist Arabel Lebrusan explores our complex relationships with knives and their variety of roles in this display.  


Informed by years of research after Arabel received three crates of confiscated knives and weapons from Bedfordshire Police in 2013, this display explores whether the meaning of an object can be re-established and transformed to evoke different emotions.


The display features seven new works in a variety of mediums, including photography, sculpture, jewellery, drawings and audio, delving into the commonly held perception of knives from specialised tools in everyday jobs to status symbols and deadly weapons, and transforming their meanings.


Drawing from a selection of over 40 historic examples of blades from The Higgins Bedford’s collections, the display is accompanied by Tales of Blunt Blades, a publication of short stories. Members of the public and amateur writers were invited to pen new histories and narratives for the culturally significant objects, giving a voice to individuals in the community with a story to tell, as well as encouraging them to consider the varied roles of knives. You can pick up a free copy of Tales of Blunt Blades at The Higgins Bedford.


Watch this video to learn more about the display:





Visitors can view Blunt Blades online at which features information about the artist and the artworks on display.


Image: A selection of police-confiscated knives and utensils © Arabel Lebrusan