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Charles Baily

Charles Baily

How long have you been volunteering at The Higgins Bedford?

I volunteered in the early noughties for around two years, and returned in 2014.


How many hours a week do you volunteer at The Higgins Bedford?

Normally between two and three hours.


Do you volunteer anywhere else?

Yes, I also help out at the Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service. I am adept and reading and writing in Latin so I assist them with translating court records, this is good fun but quite challenging!


What do you do at The Higgins Bedford?

Curatorial work on the archaeological collections; photographing and recording collections; maintenance of our accession records; mounting specimens for handling by visitors and helping to organise our upcoming exhibition on classical coins.  


Why did you decide to volunteer at The Higgins Bedford?

I love heritage and The Higgins Bedford helps me contribute to sharing and understanding of the past. I feel that promoting a public understanding of history and culture is fantastic and something that we, as a team, strive to achieve.


What do you like about volunteering?

The company! Also I like the sense of doing something socially useful in helping make sure that essential and beneficial institutions, like The Higgins Bedford, stay in use.


Would you encourage more people to volunteer in their local community?

Yes definitely. Volunteers should not be used to replace professionals but we are still able to support and contribute!


What do you do while you are not volunteering?

I take courses and at the Rothsay Education Centre; as well as reading, gardening, travelling, and cooking.


Published 27th May 2016