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Come In, St George

P4 B Hemlock Morris 1000506

Come In, St. George.


A celebration of English tradition at The Higgins Bedford, to mark St George’s Day.


Saturday 22nd April 2023 11 – 3pm


11:00am – 12.30pm

Memories Of Morris


A talk and discussion about how Morris dance in Bedfordshire has changed over the past fifty years.


Since 1970 Bedfordshire has seen the growth of Women’s Morris and mixed Morris, the emergence of new approaches and the impact of the equality and diversity debates.


Led by Lydia Saul, Keeper of Social History, and Chas Leslie, curator of the recent Innovation and Tradition: 40 years of Morris display at The Higgins Bedford, participants are invited to hear from Barry and Gill Goodman, former members of Redbornstoke Morris and Bedfordshire Lace Morris in a panel discussion as they share memories of these changes and reflections of their experiences of morris. Chas will also share some of his research into Morris dancing in Bedfordshire. Contributions and questions from the floor will be welcomed.


Hemlock Moris photo


1.30 – 3.00pm

Celebrating St George


Entertainment for all the family.

See St George take on the Valiant Knight . . . Marvel as they joust and fight in mortal combat . . . Weep as the Old Mother laments her dead son . . . Wonder at the Doctor’s cures . . . Celebrate as St George is brought back to life!


A display of morris dancing in the courtyard by local teams Hemlock Morris, Red Cuthbert Morris and Golden Hare Morris, each with its own unique approach to Morris. The entertainment will culminate with a traditional mummers’ play by the Barfront Guizers in which St George (Hooray!) and a Valiant Knight (Boo, Hiss!) argue over who killed the dragon.


P4 A Golden Hare Morris 2019